Disney on a Budget, Part 2: Swagbucks and PerkTV


I love points programs. I’ve been doing them for years. Free money for a little of my time, yes! Years ago points programs were plentiful and earning quite a bit, now I just concentrate on 3, it’s really all I have time for now. With these programs I am trying to earn as many Target giftcards as I can before … Continue reading

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Disney on a Budget, Part 1: Points Programs


We’re going to Disney World!! Do you know how long I have waited to return to my favorite vacation spot? Do you know how many pretend vacations I have priced out? I am so excited that we have decided to just do it, in January 2016. I have one teen that is already in college and one that will be … Continue reading

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Party Success!

My oldest is now a high school graduate. What an accomplishment! I have homeschooled her from third grade on and I am happy to say I survived it all. I began the school year wanting to throw a party to celebrate at the end. As usual, life got in the way. It happens. Finally toward mid-May and I said we … Continue reading

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The Blue Hanger

Bright colored plastic hangers

It’s funny to me how the little things just don’t even cross my mind as odd anymore. I suppose that means I’m coming to accept these little quirks. T has clothing issues. If it’s anything other than socks and it’s on the floor, it’s dirty. His pajama shorts and shirts are in specific (matching) pairs and you simply can’t wear … Continue reading

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