The Blue Hanger

Bright colored plastic hangers

It’s funny to me how the little things just don’t even cross my mind as odd anymore. I suppose that means I’m coming to accept these little quirks. T has clothing issues. If it’s anything other than socks and it’s on the floor, it’s dirty. His pajama shorts and shirts are in specific (matching) pairs and you simply can’t wear … Continue reading

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Meltdown vs. Shutdown in Kids

Long time no write. What can I say, life gets in the way LOL We seem to have seen a lot of changes in my house in the past year. It’s definitely been a year of learning. I’ve decided to breathe life back into my blog. I need a place to get my thoughts out and centralize some information. A … Continue reading

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Welcome to a new school year!


Oh joy. Every year I tell myself that I’m going to have it together, I’m going to be organized and have a schedule and stick to it. Every year I fail. I run a business and homeschool at the same time. The past few years I’ve spent a month getting assignments in order and mapped out, things lined up  and … Continue reading

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Avocado Strawberry Green Smoothie

Yum, yum, yum. This may be my favorite yet. I love avocados in every form and now I’ve found a new way to enjoy them. My husband called this one guacamole, a drinkable guac I suppose. The avocado, which is a fruit by the way, is packed full of vitamins and healthy fat. Strawberries give you the Vitamin C and … Continue reading

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