Canada has banned BPA!

Way to go! Now if the US would follow suit.

Most hard plastics contain bisphenol-A, which some researchers believe poses serious health risks. Canada has now banned BPA from baby bottles and drinking cups. While US hasn’t issued a ban yet, many manufacturers are beginning to lessen the use of BPA and that’s a first step. When these plastic containers are heated, the chemicals are released. These chemicals have been found to contribute to breast and prostate cancer, diabetes, hyperactivity and other serious disorders

BPA is found in plastics marked with a #7. Plastics marked #5 are considered safest, but is it really safe? I’m not sure the eliminating plastic entirely is possible, but I’ll definately choose #5 over anything else. I know after putting my Tupperware through the dishwasher, it’s often left with white “detergent” markings. That really does cause me to wonder what might be going into my food when the dishes are heated.

Luckily we do have options! My children do not use bottles, but if yours do, try to find glass or at the very least, look for a BPA free option. For cups, choose Foogo or Funtainer by Thermos, Sigg or Kleen Kanteen. I’ll have a review on those pretty soon, but thus far, we are pleased with our Thermos and Siggs.

For food storage, plastic is fine. Avoid reheating your foods in plastic though. There are plenty of glass options available as well. My favorite Tupperware line, the Rock N Serve containers, do sadly contain BPA. Most other Tupperware lines are BPA free, but I would still avoid reheating in them.

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