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5 Tips to Sell Your Car on Craigslist

Recently we expanded the vehicle count in our driveway from 2 to 3. Since that new car was a first for a teenager, Craigslist was the perfect spot to car shop. Where else does one shop for a used car these days?! What an adventure it was. Based upon my experience as a shopper, I’ve put together a tips list … Continue reading

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Austin gets a Zero-Packaging Grocery Store!

How cool is this?! A grocery store with no packaging. So many things can’t be or aren’t recycled, packaging takes up space (and shipping weight), so of course, eliminating it is a wonderful idea. A couple of gyus in Austin, Texas aim to do just that. Their new grocery store, in.gredients, will sell 100% package-free products. Shoppers will need to … Continue reading

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The Gluten Free burger is on the way!

I am so excited. The anticipation is killing me. In case you’ve been hiding under a gluten free rock, let me be the first to tell you, gluten free hamburger buns are on the way! And hot dog buns, but that’s, for whatever reason, less exciting. Hamburgers! Since going gluten free, there is one food I’ve not been able to … Continue reading

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Easy Ways to go Green

These days, “going green” can cost you a fortune. It’s enough to make any mom think it’s impossible. Well, fortunately, there are ways you can green your lifestyle on a budget! Swapping things with friends, or even strangers, and buying used are the top and least expensive ways you can go green. Young kids won’t notice the difference between a … Continue reading

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